Power Writing for Business Leaders

Reader-Focused Planning Strategies to Enhance Writing Impact

Course Category: Communication & Negotiation

Writing proficiently with a clear reader-focus is a public measure of your leadership effectiveness. It showcases your ability to inform, enlighten, influence, and inspire readers to action.

This program employs a unique strategic approach to writing more fluently as a business leader. You will learn to apply a reader-focused mindset for planning, drafting, refining and evaluating documents. Engaging in skill development exercises, you will gain proficiency as an effective planner of writing strategies that address the needs of your readers, and that capture their attention and commitment.

You will complete an online survey to identify your writing proficiency and learning goals.


  • Analyze your readership to ensure that the content and tone are appropriate
  • Spend more time planning and less time rewriting, for increased writing efficiency and reader impact
  • Assess the effectiveness and impact of your emails, letters, briefings, reports and other business documents
  • Gain a clear writing purpose and focus
  • Organize your thoughts logically and comprehensively into relevant ideas and details
  • Apply "fast writing" techniques to create a quick first draft
  • Refine your wording to be more clear, concise, compelling, current and courteous
  • Become a more powerful leader and communicator by applying effective strategic planning and writing tactics for enhanced writing speed and fluency
Course Content

  • Components of an effective reader-focused message
  • Achieving a reader-focused mindset: understanding your readers and how they read, appealing to individual reader styles, writing for multiple reader styles
  • Using strategic thinking to plan your writing: identifying your writer's purpose, translating your message into a reader’s purpose
  • Writing strategies and tactics: writing with impact to diverse readers, writing best practices, top tactics for creating powerful documents
  • Overcoming writer’s block: mapping key ideas before you write, exploring patterns to determine your key components
  • Fastwriting the first draft: getting your ideas on paper freely
  • Fine-tuning your writing: applying the 5 C’s (clear, concise, consistent, cohesive, current), appealing to readers using the Gunning-Fog Index, energizing the message with language that calls the reader to action
Course Format

In an interactive setting, you will work in groups to plan, draft and refine clear and concise messages for emails, letters, business briefings and reports. You’ll receive constructive feedback to help you craft convincing written messages that engage diverse readers.

Special Features

You will also receive:
  • Strategic planning templates
  • Reader analysis checklist
  • Business Writing resource book with tips

"Power Writing for Business Leaders was an exceptionally interesting and effective course for me. The strategies and tactics that it provides really provides a solid foundation for stepping up your business communications and writings, making them more clear, targeted and compelling. This course was a pleasure to take and its benefits will stay with me for a long time."

Mike Hrycyk
Sr. QA Manager
Digital Payment Technologies

"This course was a terrific two days. Today I have already used some of the tips I learned. I also recommended the course to three colleagues, who I am certain you will see in the future. Once again, thank you for keeping us going with speed, accuracy and humour."

Judy Robertson
Communications Specialist, Corporate Relations
Metro Vancouver

"I loved the instructor’s style: engaging, informative and very fun. She presented great content on how to organize ideas and avoid writer’s block."

Stephanie Franco
Communication Coordinator

"You know you’ve attended a great course when it’s over too soon and you remain fully engaged 100% of the time!"

Cathy Saar
Dean Division Coordinator
Red Deer College

"The depth and breadth of the instructor's knowledge was obvious and freely shared with the group. She delivered a lot of material and many useful tips over the two days which I will be able to immediately apply back in the office."

"This was a very hands-on course, which is appropriate for a professional audience."

"This course was a very engaging and the time simply flew by. It provided me with valuable knowledge and direction in writing effective emails and reports, so that clear purpose and functions are executed."

Dr. Gail Levitt
Gail is President of Levitt Communications Inc. An expert in interpersonal influence and performance management, she has consulted for major organizations including SNC-Lavalin, HSBC, Greenpeace and various government agencies. Acclaimed for her energetic, intuitive and motivating teaching style, she has taught and written extensively on issues pertaining to negotiations, leadership, team development, communication, business writing and creative problem solving.


Executives and business professionals who want to write with greater power and impact to a diverse readership.

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Power Writing for Business Leaders
March 15 - 16, 2016Program starts at 8:30 AMLocation
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