Business Analytics for Competitive Advantage

Develop Data-Driven Approaches to Managerial Decisions New!

Course Category: General Management and Business Acumen

The term “analytics” deals with such issues as how to obtain, describe, and visualize data, as well as how to use data to manage uncertainty and make good decisions. This course will describe the three pillars of analytics: descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive. It will also provide examples of how the world’s top companies are applying these ideas to improve corporate decision making.

  • Outline the requirements of an effective analytics initiative
  • Use new insights from information gathered from within and outside your organization to improve execution, productivity and business results
  • Analyze data across multiple business functions and channels, to create synergies in value
  • Make decisions that are based on fact, rather than speculation
  • Ensure that your business activities are actionable within your organizational framework
  • Learn from past and current data to predict future trends and mitigate risks
  • Better manage uncertainty and process variability
  • Recognize opportunities and accelerate the pace of innovation
Course Content

  • Analytics overview: how analytics is transforming organizational decision making and innovation, pitfalls and payoffs for business
  • Descriptive analytics (“what data should I collect and what do they tell me?”): data visualization techniques to envision important factors and relationships, recognizing variability in data, dealing with limited data
  • Predictive analytics (“what is likely to occur based on what has happened in the past?”): mining data to predict customer preferences, analyzing uncertainty and complex processes to predict future outcomes, strategies and tactics for deploying predictive analytics initiatives
  • Prescriptive analytics (“how can I optimize outcomes?”):  using a “what if” scenario analysis to evaluate decisions and improve decision making
  • Best-in-practice analytics methods: how leading companies are using analytics, analytics models that can be applied to your situation
Special Features

This course includes hands-on experience using Excel and other analytics software, which will provide you with a deeper understanding of what is possible with computer-based tools.

Dr. Steven Shechter
Steven is an Associate Professor at the Sauder School of Business. His expertise involves applying data-driven, advanced analytical techniques to improve managerial decision making. He was recently awarded a Career Investigator Award from BC's Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research for his work on applying analytics to the health care field.

Ms. Steph Carew
Steph is an operations consultant who combines an engineering and business background to help companies bring analytical approaches to decision making. She has experience working on a range of applications within the health care, defence and tech sectors.

Middle to senior-level managers, analysts and project leaders who wish to understand the concepts and applicability of business analytics, in order to solve business problems.

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Business Analytics for Competitive Advantage
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